AGTRUP PLAST always has raw materials in stock.

This means that in many cases, we can deliver on an hour-to-hour basis. It is vital for us to always deliver on time. With the agreed quality and quantity.

Our machinery is new and is always updated in relation to the latest developments for innovative plastic manufacturers. This means that you receive quality that is otherwise difficult to find elsewhere.

We can also offer you highly competitive prices because we keep strict control of our costs and pass on the benefits to our customers.

High quality at reasonable prices - is this something that appeals to you?

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We have the capacity and flexibility to solve both large and small tasks. With 1,200 sqm of production facilities, new machinery and 600 sqm of storage space, we can solve the vast majority of tasks.

Special features?
Maintaining a very high level of uniformity in product deliveries is part of what AGTRUP PLAST is particularly good at. This is one reason why AGTRUP PLAST never receives complaints.