What are your requirements?

Here are the facts in brief. At AGTRUP PLAST, we process all types of technical, plastic materials for products and components with a shot weight of 0.1 gram all the way up to 3,200 grams.

We have a range of modern injection moulding machines with a clamping forceof 25-550 tonnes, which means we have a broad range of possibilities for you and your production.

Ultrasonic welding? In addition to injection moulding of thermoplastic materials, we handle ultrasonic welding, assembly of metal parts with ultrasonic technology or heating, milling and lathe work, assembly, packing and shipping.

Robots? A significant part of our production equipment is comprised of specialised equipment such as robots, ultrasonic welding machines, colour dosing units, as well as measuring and tempering equipment.

If you would like to learn what this means in relation to solving your specific tasks, let's meet and talk about the possibilities.

You can contact Jørn Lange at +45 75 56 66 77. Or send an e-mail via Contact


We encourage knowledge sharing

At AGTRUP PLAST, we are happy to advise you on the entire process.

  • Development of models and design drawings
  • Moulding of prototypes
  • 3D printing of prototypes
  • Tests and production clarification
  • Production and assembly work
  • Logistics and stock

Did you know that AGTRUP PLAST has over 19 machines at its disposal? And they are all new. And paid for.