Raw materials

How important are raw materials?

We are often asked this question, because plastic is not just plastic. It's actually a natural product, where the price and quality are linked to oil.

The primary raw material for plastic manufacturing is crude oil. In addition, cellulose, coal, natural gas and salt are included in the recipe for plastic. As we know, crude oil is a mixture of thousands of different substances, and in order to exploit them, the oil must be refined.

Plastic manufacturing therefore begins with a distillation process in an oil refinery, where the heavy crude is separated into lighter oil products, one of which is naphtha, which is the key raw material for the manufacture of plastic.

No plastic raw materials are manufactured in Denmark, but they are in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Here, plastic is produced in large plants through an advanced process called polymerization, where ‘monomers’ are linked together to form long polymer chains.

Many different types of polymers can be produced, each having their own characteristics. There are therefore many thousand different types of plastic with different properties.

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Are you seeking expert knowledge?

AGTRUP PLAST's CEO and owner is Jørn Lange, whose father, Andreas Lange, was among the pioneers in the Danish plastics industry. Jørn Lange is considered one of Denmark's most competent experts in the plastic industry.

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